Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our commonly asked questions are outlined below.

We thank you for considering OK Heli, one of the few flight schools that still hires pilots from our classes when we have an opening for a new pilot. In fact, the majority of all the pilots who have flown with OK Heli started in our flight school! Please feel free to contact us directly by completing an application or calling us at 250-491-9359 and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

The first and most common question is “Why OK Heli?” We have two answers for you to consider: the Okanagan Valley is recognized as one of the best flight training regions in the world, and; no other flight school in Canada offers the depth of operational training and preparation for professional pilots. Pair together the best training environment with the best operational flight school and you have a great reason to consider OK Heli.

1) When are the courses?
We run 2 full-time courses per year, the Fall course runs from early October until the end of February and the Spring course runs from early March until the end of June.

2) How many students per class?
We have only 6-8 students per class, with no more than 3-4 students per instructor. This maximizes individual attention for each student.

3) Where is the ground schooling?
The ground schooling takes place in our on-site classrooms at the Kelowna International Airport. Ground school courses are delivered daily, typically in the afternoon after the flying schedule is completed.

4) What are the requirements to start the course?
You must have completed Grade 12 in high school or be a minimum age of 19. You must pass the appropriate aviation medical examination. To train with the Robinson R22, you need to be no more than 200 lbs (90.7 kgs) by start of class. We conduct individual interviews in person, or via the phone when distance is an issue, to determine an applicant’s suitability to the program. There are no special courses required prior to the start of training, and you don’t need prior flight training experience.

5) What are your payment structures for the course?
There is a $2000.00 deposit paid upon acceptance, with the balance owing divided up over three installments (depending on the course enrolled in). There are no applicable taxes, and the commercial helicopter pilot courses are tax deductible as education. Please see our fees page for a breakdown.