About OK Heli

Okanagan Mountain Helicopters started as a helicopter flight training school in 2003. Operating in Kelowna continuously since its inception, the company has grown to serve many clients in the energy, agriculture and forestry sectors as well as continuing to train helicopter pilots, whether they are starting their flying career, looking for advanced training or requiring recurrent skills review. Our helicopter flight training school offers the most comprehensive helicopter pilot training in the industry today. We have tailored our course to meet the needs and demands of commercial helicopter companies in Canada, with a focus on developing the best possible flying skills and airmanship, and an introduction to the various types of operational flying that a pilot might expect as they begin their career.

Our initial and recurrent training programs offer the possibility to include mountain training, and all the amenities of one of Canada’s most popular destinations. Training in the Okanagan area provides the variety of terrain and weather that exposes a student to new challenges while under the supervision of one of our skilled instructors, in order to enable us to achieve the highest possible results from you: to become a safe, skilled, employable commercial helicopter pilot.

Our charter team includes pilots with thousands of hours of operational experience across Canada’s western and northern regions. Our team has flown for numerous clients in forestry, mining, oil & gas and tourism. Our charter fleet is well suited to many of the projects requiring helicopter support.