The Robinson R44’s engineering strongly emphasizes quality, reliability and performance, making it the world’s top-selling helicopter.  It is more dependable than other light helicopters in the market.  Best of all, it has the lowest cost per seat-mile of any helicopter anywhere.  Comfortable ‘two plus two’ seating provides front and rear passengers with side, unobstructed views.  No center bulkhead or post impedes visibility.  Large windows in each door allow clear sideward vision from all seats.  For specialty missions, any or all doors can be quickly removed.

With experience in Britsh Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Canada’s north, Okanagan Mountain Helicopters offers the specialty skills required to help our clients complete their projects on time, and on budget, including:


  • Tree Planting
  • Infrared Scanning
  • GPS Mapping
  • Crew Moves

Oil & Gas

  • Pipeline Construction
  • ROW Condition and Leak Survey Patrols
  • Well Site Servicing
  • Chart Changes
  • Environmental & Wildlife Surveys


  • Staking
  • Crew Moves
  • Sediment Sampling
  • Environmental & Wildlife Surveys


  • Airborne Surveys
  • GPS Mapping
  • Vegetation Management Surveys
  • Wildlife Survey & Control

As per the Canada Transportation Act (CTA) and the Air Transportation Regulations, Okanagan Mountain Helicopters makes available a Local Domestic Tariff. For a customized pricing quote, please contact us 250.491.9359.