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Canada's Best Training Environment is the Okanagan Valley! Okanagan Mountain Helicopters Offers the Best Flight Training options in the Best Location and the options just got better. OK Heli is pleased to announce that we have teamed with Okanagan College to offer a new, business oriented Commercial Helicopter Pilot Training Certificate Course.

OK Heli helicopter flight training school offers the most comprehensive helicopter pilot training in the industry today. We have tailored our courses to meet the operational needs of commercial helicopter companies in Canada. Our goal is to make sure every pilot graduate is professionally prepared and ready to work.

When you are considering where you should learn to fly, ask if the school hires from their students for flying positions. At OK Heli, most of our pilots started at our flight school.

‘Okanagan Mountain Helicopters is located at the Kelowna International Airport, which is great for radio procedures.  It’s also located close to mountainous terrain of all types.  I received exceptional training which was very operational in all stages.  Other company check pilots were very impressed with the skill level taught to 100 hr pilots at OMH.’   Jon Mattson, former student, lead aerial survey pilot and Chief Flight Instructor.

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Every professional pilot needs to be able to:

  • plan every mission for safe and efficient flights
  • accurately assess and apply your skills for confined areas 
  • execute effective external load and long line – vertical reference proficiency 
  • be able to work and excel in an operational environment 
  • work well in teams, manage customer relationships and assume leadership roles

The Demands

  • thorough knowledge of the aircraft and its capabilities
  • safe and accurate control of the aircraft, not only in basic exercises but during emergencies and advanced maneuvers
  • professional, safe and independent decision making

Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) is the best airport for flight training anywhere in Canada

  • fully controlled radar environment
  • develops very high proficiency in radio communication
  • exclusive helicopter training areas on airport
  • hundreds of training locations for confined areas and mountain flying introduction within and close to the control zone
  • the most productive training environment in Canada; minimal ferry time to a wide variety of different and increasingly challenging practice areas located just outside of the control zone
  • Kelowna offers the best blend of controlled and uncontrolled practice areas allowing students to enjoy the most productive use of their training time.

The Okanagan Valley is the best training location in Canada ensuring the most productive, best possible results for you; to be the best prepared, operationally skilled commercial helicopter pilot. The dynamic and challenging environment with various mountainous winds and weather includes:

  • low-lying open areas used for basic training as well as for emergency and advanced exercises
  • heavily forested areas throughout a wide variation of elevation changes(confined area work)
  • mountainous terrain with peaks over 7000 ft. close by

Several uncontrolled airports in close proximity to Kelowna, used for cross country navigation, flight training, radio and emergency procedures.

Okanagan Mountain Helicopters Premium Training Programs focus on advanced operational flying skills

  • long line practice
  • an introduction to mountain flying
  • pad landings
  • winter operations

Okanagan College’s Commercial Helicopter Pilot Certificate takes flight training to another level, preparing graduates with operational skills while working in the field and the leadership skills for the opportunities pilots will find as their career progresses.

 Primary Training Equipment:

  • Robinson R22 (two seats) – the world’s most popular and successful primary flight trainer
  • Robinson R44 (four seats) – the fastest selling light piston helicopter
  • Bell 206B (five seats) – the most common light turbine helicopter

Starting your career with Okanagan Mountain Helicopters will give you the skills and the knowledge to achieve your personal aviation goals.

‘Okanagan Mountain Helicopters is summed up in just a few words; great location and terrain for training, exceptional instruction, well maintained aircraft.  Top that off with extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff, this is a great place to begin an exciting career!’  Robert (Bear) Rotzetter, former student and line pilot. 

We are a designated institution with the PTIB, BC Ministry of Advanced Education

The Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) is a department of the BC Ministry of Advanced Education set up to carry out the important role of education quality and student protection. PTIB sets basic education standards for registered private career training institutions in British Columbia and establishes standards of quality which must be met by accredited institutions.

By applying for and receiving registration, an institution must demonstrate continuous compliance with the basic education standards described in the PTIB Bylaws. In addition to mandatory registration, PTIB has developed a higher standard for private career training institutions – the standard of accreditation. Accreditation means an institution must maintain a quality standard in excess of the basic education standards. PTIB accreditation is based on important criteria by which private career training institutions in BC may apply for StudentAidBC designations. PTIB accredited programs may also be eligible for tax credits bank student lines of credit.

OK Heli is proud to be designated by PTIB.