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Kelowna Heli-Wine Tours

Kelowna Heli-Wine Tours

Offered year round by reservation, our all-inclusive Heli-Wine tour packages provide you with a unique way to experience the beauty and award winning tastes of the Okanagan Valley, in the Kelowna Area.

Kelowna tours begin and end at the Kelowna International Airport located at Hangar 5, 5655 Airport Way.

Tours require 2 people (minimum) to book.

The Okanagan’s Best Wine Pairings Our Winery Tours are All-Inclusive. Each winery we visit features award winning wines and offers a unique tasting experience. Tasting fees are included in your tour. Each tour group will also receive a gift of a featured wine to add to your collection, begin your case purchase or enjoy the same day. Our way of saying thank you.

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Kelowna Heli Two-Winery Tours


Explore the Lake Okanagan shoreline on your way to the experience of a lifetime. Indulge in the grandeur of landing on the Mission Hill helipad and being whisked inside for a private and educational tasting of Mission Hill’s finest wines. Next, we turn north to the stunning Tuscan-style villa at Ex Nihilo, where the finest Pinot Noirs flow freely from the sun-soaked vines.

Approx: 3 hours
Prices: $499 per person plus tax.


Land among the rose bushes perched on the edge of the bluffs above Lake Okanagan, then experience the craft of sparkling wine, made in the classic French style, in the cool cellars of Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards. Enjoy your private tasting before taking a quiet stroll along the bluff. We’ll climb aboard the helicopter and depart north for the Mission Hill heli-pad. Once you’ve disembarked, enjoy a private special series tasting with a Mission Hill expert.

Approx: 3 hours
Prices: $599 per person plus tax.


Once we’ve landed on the Mission Hill heli-pad, and you’ve experienced the fascinating tasting of Mission Hill’s excellent collection, wander off and explore the architectural masterpiece of Mission Hill. Don’t get lost, as we’ll be heading for the Vibrant Vine next, where you’ll sip French champagne on the terrace before beginning your private tasting, while learning some history about wine making and the enchanting story of the winery.

Approx: 3 hours
Prices: $539 per person plus tax.


Begin your tour with beautiful aerial views of Lake Country, prior to our slow descent into Ex Nihilo’s manicured grass heli-pad. You’ll be greeted at the helicopter with a glass of Ex Nihilo’s sparkling wine and escorted to a private area for a cheese and chocolate paired private tasting. When you’ve had your fill, we’ll continue south along the lake to the Vibrant Vine, where you’ll sip champagne, learn about the history of the winery and taste 2013’s Best White Wine in the World.

Approx: 3 hours
Prices: $599 per person plus tax.


We’ll explore the entirety of Kelowna’s lakeshore on our way to the great white pyramid that marks the location of our first stop. From the helicopter, you’ll be taken on a guided tour of the pyramid and ushered inside to enjoy a charcuterie plate, paired perfectly for your tasting. We turn north to Lake Country and the Okanagan’s finest pizza oven at Ex Nihilo Vineyards. After your private tasting, soak in the sun amongst the vines at the Chaos Bistro if you happen to have built up an appetite!

Approx: 3 hours
Prices: $499 per person plus tax.


Drifting slowly down past the 12-story Bell Tower to the heli-pad at the base, the excitement will only build as you disembark the helicopter and head across the courtyard to experience the expert-led tasting of Mission Hill’s finest wines. Once you’ve had your chance to wander the manicured lawns, we’ll continue on to Summerhill Pyramid Winery. When we arrive, you’ll experience the precision required to create phenomenal wine, and perfectly symmetrical pyramids.

Approx: 3 hours
Price: $429 per person plus tax.


Circling in from high above the pyramid, Summerhill begins the day in style. Once you’ve been greeted at the helicopter, you’ll be taken into the unique pyramid cellar. Next, you’ll be treated to a delicious, locally sourced charcuterie plate to accompany your private tasting. From Summerhill, we climb high above the valley, and cross the lake to the western bluffs at Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards.
Discover the art and finesse of sparkling wine created in a place that has produced phenomenal Okanagan fruits since the late 1800s. We’ll turn back north to the Tuscan-style villa at Ex Nihilo, where wine, cheese and chocolate await your timely arrival.

Approx: 4 hours
Prices: $959 per person plus tax.

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